What’s this? Another freaking mama blog?

I’ve been thinking about creating a blog for a while. I’ve toyed with different themes and ideas. I’ve played with different names. I had (well, still have, but it’s pretty locked down) a livejournal account titled “Ramblings of a Catty Bitch”. I created that long ago, in another lifetime. I was a different person. Thank goodness for personal growth. I don’t think I ramble so much any more, but I certainly do muse about the world. Β And thus, the Musings part of the title.

The idea of getting to Pure Joy is actually stolen from my therapist. We were sitting in her office, in a very intense session which had me working hard and going through a lot of intense emotions. Her office was in her home, and right above the office was her daughter’s playroom. At the end of the session all of a sudden we here the joyful stomping of feet and squeals and giggles from above. I looked up and smiled. I then looked at my therapist and she said, something along the lines of “That’s the question isn’t it? How, at forty, fifty, sixty do we get back to that? How do we get back to that Pure Joy?”. It was one of our early sessions and was actually pretty transforming. It set me on a quest – a quest back to Pure Joy.

And so here I am. I’m often inspired by other mama and non-mama bloggers to write, but don’t take the time to do it. Now that I finally created this blog I hope to write down those thoughts that are inspired by others.

I’m not sure where this path will go. It will likely be windy. It will have lots of twists and turns. I’ll be exploring all parts of my life: unschooling, graduate school, a person affected by PTSD, mamahood, womanhood, wifehood, friendhood… all of it. Enjoy. Or don’t. Follow your path. If I’m part of it, awesome sauce. If I’m not, I wish you joy along your way.

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4 Responses to What’s this? Another freaking mama blog?

  1. I’m all for awesome sauce! πŸ™‚

    Welcome to the blogosphere! I’m looking forward to reading here.


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