What’s in a name

In the back of my mind, over the last couple weeks I’ve been mulling over what to change the name of this blog to. I don’t  really like the current name. It’s too long, too verbose. And while it fit in the moment of creation of this blog, now I’m finding it not quite irritating, but definitely bothersome.

The idea that there is a “the” path to pure joy is what is gnawing away at me. I don’t think there is a singular way to joy. There are at least as many paths to joy as there are people on this planet. And my guess is, each person has infinite possible paths to joy within her or himself.

When I think about how my travels to joy are progressing, I visualize a long, narrow, winding dirt path, with branches off here and there. It’s in a wooded area, with lots of green, tall trees and bushes, and there is water, perhaps a creek, perhaps the ocean nearby. (For those in the Seattle area, think of the trails at Seward Park). I see myself walking down the semi-beaten path and as curiosity and energy come to me I wander off on a side branch, exploring, trying, changing.

So, how do I get that image into a succinct blog title? I don’t know. So the search for the new name kept gnawing and mulling the background. I was following my path, not looking at the tributaries so to speak, not looking at the branches. Not thinking “outside the box” as some would say.

Then in a flash of brilliance (brilliance as in light, not genius ;), I had my answer. It’s not a new name for the journey, rather a name for the destinations I am focused on. Because in many ways, it doesn’t matter how we each get to joy, or peace or the specifics of how we each add sparkle to our lives. What matters is simply that we do. That we find our joys, that we find our peace and that we have as much sparkle in each moment as we can.

Many say it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. I see and feel truth in that. And in this moment, I feel the truth of the importance of the destination. I don’t consider joy, peace or sparkle a final destination. They are my next destination. Once I’ve found those places and they are consistent, relatively stable parts of my life and being I can then live each day without worrying about any destinations, and simply follow the paths that pique my curiosity, that just look fun and interesting and will be able to help create peace, joy and sparkle in the lives of others.

So, if you haven’t guessed it by now, the new name is PeaceSparkleJoy. Now to figure out how to change the name in wordpress… 😉

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