A new layer

Yesterday’s prompt in Hannah Marcotti’s Spirits of Joy ecourse was to add another layer to our morning ritual. We were to create a visual representation of what we would like our mornings to be.

Here’s the thing though – I LOVE our morning ritual! I honestly don’t want to add another layer to it or change it for anything. Our mornings are both peaceful and energetic; I get me time, one on one time with my daughter, one on one time with my husband and we get time together as a family. As a result of this ecourse we sometimes do art together after breakfast. Now that I’m 2-weeks post surgery I’m back to doing my morning yoga (I did add my morning affirmation created yesterday to my yoga routine, as part of my breathing). We all eat breakfast together. My husband doesn’t go to work until 11:30 so typically I get time in the morning to work on things I need to work on, be that school, balancing the bank account or getting a little nap in. I try not to schedule any appointments or playdates before 11 so that my daughter and I don’t have to rush around like crazed headless chickens to get out the door.

Truly, we have the The Life. And I love it. I LOVE my life. I love that while we certainly have our share of stresses, we have a nice relaxed, slow-paced lifestyle. We get to enjoy each other. We are here for each other.

So I decided for my journal entry today instead of adding a new layer, I would create a page that represents what our morning ritual is like in my heart. And I came across a quote that modified slightly, but it speaks the truth of what our mornings are: I always have somebody nearby to love, someone to love me, somebody to get in trouble with, someone to be forgiven by. My husband and daughter are near and as we start our day together and in our own individual ways.

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