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New home…

I’ve moved to a new online home and I’d love for you to come visit me… I’ll continue to update here when I update over there for a while… I just posted a new post that can be found … Continue reading

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Grounding and Painted Toes

A side-effect of having a (or several) traumatic experiences is a tendency to live out-of-body. I have this tendency, and I truly have worked to be in my body – to recognize that something is starting to trigger me, to … Continue reading

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Warrior Heart

Trauma sucks. It sucks our life energy. It sucks our joy. It sucks our soul. It sucks us away from our community. It’s not fair. Experiencing trauma, especially as child, at the hands of an adult who is supposed to … Continue reading

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Transformational Books

I have loved to read since I figured out how at the ripe old age of three. Reading opened a whole world for me – a world of information, a world of hope. Books brought with them whole worlds that … Continue reading

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Loving Home

There are times when I think I’m finally getting it – you know, how to live a beautiful, relatively low-stress life filled with joy and love.  I love these times, because it is during these moments or hours or days … Continue reading

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Seeing abundance

I’ve enjoyed the last week, returning to my life of abundance, returning to gratitude, returning to knowing in my soul I am on the path I am meant to be on. It hasn’t been easy. There are questions still around … Continue reading

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Healing Repair

For my birthday this year I asked that we simply spend the day together as a family – go to a movie and out to eat. The choices for movies were somewhat limited as I wanted our 5+ year old … Continue reading

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