Opportunities for Growth, Healing and Changing the World

I firmly believe the revolution starts with us. With you and me, working to become the most amazing you and me we can be. Doing the hard work of healing ourselves helps toheal the world. Finding our own light, letting it shine out and spread light to another – that is how the world will heal, that is how we will create the revolution – by loving ourselves and letting that love glow out into the world.

How do we do it though? How do we heal ourselves? Therapy is one answer (and one I recommend!) and there are as many approaches to therapy as there are people in the world it seems. I am in search of a new therapist myself, and am looking for one certified inLevine’s Somatic Experiencing or the Ogden’s Sensorimotor ApproachTrauma lives in the body and these two approaches are focused on guiding you to letting your body reset itself. Each of the sites have a link to find certified practitioners in your area. If you are looking to do some deep trauma healing I really recommend finding a therapist certified in one of these approaches.

There are other paths to healing too. Read more at my new home…

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