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Loving Home

There are times when I think I’m finally getting it – you know, how to live a beautiful, relatively low-stress life filled with joy and love. ┬áI love these times, because it is during these moments or hours or days … Continue reading

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Seeing abundance

I’ve enjoyed the last week, returning to my life of abundance, returning to gratitude, returning to knowing in my soul I am on the path I am meant to be on. It hasn’t been easy. There are questions still around … Continue reading

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Hello there. I’ve been on an unintentional hiatus – papers needed to be (and one still needs to be!) written for school, I started a new job, and well life in general has just been busy. A lot of change … Continue reading

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What’s in a name

In the back of my mind, over the last couple weeks I’ve been mulling over what to change the name of this blog to. I don’t ┬áreally like the current name. It’s too long, too verbose. And while it fit … Continue reading

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Optimal Family

I just finished the rough draft of a paper for my family systems course. It’s a review of the book “Intimate Worlds: How Families Thrive and Why They Fail” written by Maggie Scarf. My paper (and the book) describe five … Continue reading

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Writing Our Truth

I was encouraged to write a piece for Jill Malone’s blog, for her Marriage Project. She has asked others to write in and be guests on her blog, to write about what marriage means to them, to celebrate Washington State … Continue reading

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