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This morning, on our way to a friend’s home, where I was to drop of my daughter before I went to work, she said to me “Mama, we haven’t had any you and me time lately. I miss you.” My … Continue reading

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Seeing abundance

I’ve enjoyed the last week, returning to my life of abundance, returning to gratitude, returning to knowing in my soul I am on the path I am meant to be on. It hasn’t been easy. There are questions still around … Continue reading

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Healing Repair

For my birthday this year I asked that we simply spend the day together as a family – go to a movie and out to eat. The choices for movies were somewhat limited as I wanted our 5+ year old … Continue reading

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Coming back to our beautiful life has been so wonderful. Leaving that sense of lack behind and realizing, deeply in every fiber of my being, how much we have, how blessed my family is – it’s truly leaving me filled … Continue reading

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Optimal Family

I just finished the rough draft of a paper for my family systems course. It’s a review of the book “Intimate Worlds: How Families Thrive and Why They Fail” written by Maggie Scarf. My paper (and the book) describe five … Continue reading

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